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Our System

We use our RRR Recruitment System to achieve the Best for you; the Attraction of the top 15% of candidates and the exclusion of the bottom 85% of candidates.

Also you’ll need the Assessment of the candidate’s’ ability to perform the role and totally deliver your required outcomes.

Finally, there’s the Acquisition of the candidate. Once you have decided they are ‘the one’, we have made sure the candidate says yes to you.


Step 1 – Our Systematic Process For Hiring Top Talent. Hiring top talent needs to be an integrated business process that meets the needs of all participants including top candidates, line managers, recruiters and everyone else. So we make sure it does.

Step 2 – Performance Profiles: Defining Success, Not Skills. If you want to hire top people, define first what they to do in terms of accomplishments, not what they need to have in terms of skills. Then ask, “Why would a top person want this job?”

Step 3 – Sourcing: Finding The Best Active and Passive Candidates. There is no longer a hidden pool of top candidates. Now everybody can find them. You need to use the latest technology, aggressive digital inbound marketing techniques and advanced recruiting techniques, if you want top candidates to consider your open opportunity.

Step 4 – The Two-Question, Performance-Based Interview. It only takes two questions to determine the 10 best predictors of on-the-job success. Repeating them over and over to develop trend lines of performance is how you assess consistency, growth and potential.

Step 5 – The Evidence-Based Assessment. Interviewing accuracy can soar when information is shared and consensus reached. The 10-Factor Candidate Assessment template is used to assess a candidate’s competency and motivation in comparison to real job needs. Prompt candidate feedback equals positive candidate experience.

Step 6 – Everything Else after the First Interview: Completing the Assessment. There’s more to assessing competency than just interviewing. To get it right, you need to conduct reference checks, informal references and performance testimonials.

Step 7 – Recruiting, Negotiating and Closing Offers. Do it right, most of this needs to be in job stretch and job growth, not compensation. Recruiting, negotiating and closing will focus more on career counselling and career opportunities, than selling.

By following our RRR System, you will be able to hire a great person every time – just make sure you always follow the steps.

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