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How to Find the Right Person Every Time

How to Find the Right Person Every Time

Sourcing top IT talent is comparable to looking for love, where it is said, “there’s a lid for every pot”. Employee management naturally wants every new hire (lid) to be a right fit for the company pot. Hiring managers are aware that competitive companies also want to capture outstanding Information Technology professionals.

Highly skilled IT candidates can just about write their own ticket, since in this field, demand outweighs the supply. Research conducted by Bersin by Deloitte in 2015 found that on average, companies spend $4,000 to fill each open position. This indicates old paradigms may no longer serve your hiring needs.

Here are innovative ways to find the right person every time.

Getting to Know Boolean

If you’re not sourcing for IT talent acquisitions with Boolean, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. You can refine your search and find the best, most qualified applicants, in a shorter length of time.

Detailed instructions are on the Internet, but here’s a taste of how to work it:

  • create a keyword list that incorporates your open position, i.e. Technical Support Analyst, Helpdesk Specialist, Database Administrator
  • meld your keywords with “Boolean operators”, such as OR, AND or NOT. An example using AND – “IT Applications Administrator” AND resume.

This query makes major search engines aware to provide results that encompass specific terms you have requested.

Learn to perfect your Boolean search terms and it will find profiles on LinkedIn, CV databases, university job boards, etc. *If you can afford it I recommend purchasing a LinkedIn Premium and above package but not everyone has the budget.

Refresh Employee Referral Programs

Does your employee referral program offer incentives to your seasoned IT talent? It’s one thing to whip out office-wide memos requesting new hire recommendations. But, it’s easy to make your employees happy by tweaking your referral program.

Ideas: Treat employee and friend (potential referral) to lunch. Give employees with referrals that result in hiring a paid day off, movie tickets or dinner for employee and spouse. Offer a cash prize for the employee scoring the most successful referrals in a 3-month period.

Note: Statistics say as many as 40% of new hires result from employee recommendations.


Pinterest was designed for fluffy-type merchandise. However, you can establish a board for your current job openings and “pin” office photos, preferred qualities, job description, etc. Pinterest is an innovative way to reach millennials, who are active in social networking.

Connecting with talent on a 1-1 level is a must. Mostly free and easy to participate in, meetups get results employee management will praise. For upcoming meetups related to your industry,check out and search by city.

Create a Virtual Tour

Almost 5 Billion YouTube Videos are watched per day and the cost to upload is zero. Take advantage of free services like YouTube to show off your team and your office environment in a video and capture the culture of your workplace.

Bottom Line

Don’t settle for a ‘warm body’… make it happen… get proactive in your innovative search for the crème of IT talent.

Info on Author

William Coleman(@wcoleman_corp) is the Managing Director of Professional Edge Canada, a staffing firm helping companies implement Performance-based Hiring and Contract IT Consultants.

Having started out as an agency recruiter in 2009 and moving into the Corporate Recruiting space in 2011, William understands both sides of the business and has assisted companies internally and externally in achieving their hiring goals.

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