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How to Recruit with Quora

One of the great things about engaging a staffing service to find talent is that they know how to make the best use of online as well as offline resources. While the recruiting effort will include checking out different social networking sites, the better agencies will also include Quora in their efforts.

Designed more as a knowledge-sharing tool than a traditional social media site, some of the tools found there are ideal for locating, connecting with, and evaluating the potential of professionals with Information Technology experience.

Here are some tips on how to successfully utilize Quora to recruit viable candidates.

Populating Your Profile With the Right Information

Your profile needs to tell other members more than your name, location, and general area of expertise. While those elements are important, go the extra mile and include details that help others understand who you are, what you do, and something about your likes, dislikes, and hobbies. Using text that conveys something about your work ethic, what you respect about others and their work ethics, and maybe a little something about your personality won’t hurt.

Keep the information on target and consider employing a little search engine optimization in the profile. This is important since job seekers will likely use keywords that have something to do with the type of work they want. If those keywords are found in your profile, making a connection will be a lot easier for both of you.

Jump into the Conversations and Show Your Stuff

Since the focus of the site is information sharing, do just that. Your goal is to begin building a reputation on the site as someone who is knowledgeable, helpful, and knows how to interact with others in a professional manner. One way to do that is imagine yourself talking face to face with everyone else who is participating in the conversation. You’ll find it easier to refrain from making remarks online that you would never say in person.

Since you are there to find viable IT talent, zero in on conversations that have to do with IT staffing and recruitment. Make sure to scan what has already been shared by others and identify something that you can add to the conversation. As you participate in current conversations, start one or two of your own. As your reputation builds, others will be more receptive to any employment overtures that you make.

Learn Who Does What

During the conversations, you’ll learn who has the expertise you want. If the plan is to find an IT manager for your client, it won’t take long to identify people with that experience. Need someone to provide IT support? You can find it by watching how people participate and what they share about their backgrounds. Once you identify a prospect, send a private message that includes a mention of something they posted in a conversation and why it caught your eye. That’s enough to establish rapport and gauge their level of interest in the work you have to offer.

Your goal is to find the right candidate for your client’s needs. Knowing how to use Quora to best advantage arms you with one more powerful employee management resource. Use it wisely and finding the right recruits will be a lot easier.

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Having started out as an agency recruiter in 2009 and moving into the Corporate Recruiting space in 2011, William understands both sides of the business and has assisted companies internally and externally in achieving their hiring goals.

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