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Signs You Haven’t Chosen the Right Recruiting Firm

Don’t Ignore The Signs Of A Disastrous IT Talent Recruiting Firm

Untrained persons could never, ever navigate all the complex components associated with an IT network. With access to a top IT talent recruiting firm, getting the right people for the job shouldn’t be too difficult. Things can be a bit troubling when the wrong recruiting firm has been selected for the job. Yes, it happens. HR, staffing, and employee managers do need to be mindful of the signs the right recruiting firm is NOT on the job.

A few of those signs are hard to miss.

IT is not the firm’s specialty.

Not every top firm has to provide IT talent exclusively. An entertainment talent office can often handle music and motion picture stars. A recruitment office could place IT and accounting talent. Regardless, the firm does need to really understand the complexities of the IT profession. A lack of understanding about IT undermines the ability to place the right professionals in jobs they are suited.

Poor communication and lack of timely responses is an ominous sign.

Why on earth would a recruitment firm not return a phone call? A trite answer would be the firm does not have anyone available to fill the job at the present time. This alone is not the great sin. Failure to return a client’s phone call absolutely is a sin, an unforgivable one at that. No excuse exists for being disrespectful and dismissive of clients.

Rushing to fill a vacancy with a bad fit.

Recruiting firms do not want to lose clients. Not being able to fill a job efficiently puts firms at risk to losing clients. Rushing an unqualified applicant into the position is not forgivable though. IT talent positively must be able to perform at acceptable levels or else chaos may ensue. Firms that “pawn off” help lacking in qualifications really is recruitment malpractice.

Downplaying a client’s needs.

This point connects to the “rushing” factor. There really is only one reason why a recruitment firm’s representative would downplay what the client is asking for: the firm is trying to place someone who probably is not entirely qualified. Why else would there be a need to downplay anything?

The recruiter has been caught stretching the truth.

That great IT specialist who graduated from a top school should be back in the country in a week. And then a week passes and he/she has been delayed for two more weeks. And so on. Telling tall tales to buy time or keep a client hanging is unethical. So is telling “small” untruths. A recruiter is either honest or dishonest — no middle ground exists here.

The representative of the firm are belligerent.

Who is doing who the favor here? If this is the attitude given off by the firm, go elsewhere! An attitude of this nature is appalling in its lack of professionalism. Any type of belligerent or difficult attitude on behalf of a recruiter should not be tolerated. Such persons are not looking out for their clients.

Working with the right recruitment firm is a must in order for a company to access the best IT talent. So never ignore any “bad behavior” on the part of a firm’s representative.


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William Coleman(@wcoleman_corp) is the Managing Director of Professional Edge Canada, a staffing firm helping companies implement Performance-based Hiring and Contract IT Consultants.

Having started out as an agency recruiter in 2009 and moving into the Corporate Recruiting space in 2011, William understands both sides of the business and has assisted companies internally and externally in achieving their hiring goals.

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